Custom Market Perception Research Study
The Convergence of TV & Video and the 
Emergence of the Cross-Screen Platform
On behalf of VideoAmp, we surveyed both brand-direct marketers and agency executives to understand how tech that safely aggregates both digital and TV audience data supports their planning, execution, and measurement of campaigns across all TV and video channels.
Key Takeaways include:
46% of Media Buyers plan to use a CSP for Linear TV, VOD, OTT & Digital Video in 2018
85% believe that failing to adopt a CSP will be detrimental to overall marketing efforts
Agencies will lead the way, proving CSPs will provide the most effective means of reaching highly-coveted audiences for brands across all TV and video channels
“Our research reveals that trying to meet cross-screen needs in well-orchestrated campaigns – on disparate TV and digital video platforms – is nearly impossible. The time has come for the industry to catch-up with consumers’ media consumption habits with entirely new data models and fully integrated, unified platforms.”
Jay Prasad
Chief Strategy Officer at VideoAmp
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