Creative Services
Beautiful content that reaches further
Data is king, but presentation and placement are crucial. Bring your research to life with design solutions made to fit your brand and connect with your audience.
Creative Outputs & Design Applications
Our design team will function as your creative department to activate your communication products so they stand out. We work within your existing brand parameters or as stand-alone identities. Typical applications include:
Reports and White Papers
Multipage documents that include information heiracrchy, narrative visualization, chart design, image collection, type/icon assessment and production for print or digital delivery.
Social Media Assets
Platform apprpriate stickey visuals and click-driving assets to keep you social media platforms current and drive engagement with your research.
Data Visualization
Chart design taken to a new level – infused with additional data points, third-party insights, iconography, and infographics.
Sales Tools and Event Collateral
PPT decks, one-sheets, brochures, banners, and signage for either print or digital applications.
Digital Marketing
Online advertising creative, email design, and marketing communications to support your research.
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