Research & Insights
Data illuminates opportunity.
Our survey research and data science team will uncover insights that fuel decisions, spawn innovation, and confirm strategies. Get authoritative revelations about your brand.
Our Research Services
Each research engagement is unique and tailor-fit to meet specific objectives – either as stand-alone or iteratively to measure change-over-time. Research studies are typically defined by one of the following categories:
Marketplace Perceptions
Understand the Greater Ecosystem
Uncover why – and how – brands and agencies view your category, including the trends, technologies, and perceptions that guide their purchasing decisions. Define the zeitgeist.
Brand Perceptions
Get an External Perspective
Illuminate perceptions of your tech brand and solutions, including clarity on position and marketing challenges. Brand Perception research drives internal roadmapping and sharpens marketing efforts.
Competitive Analysis’
You vs. Your Competitors
Decode threats by defining the incumbents, challengers, and where your tech stacks up against them.
Product Perceptions
Features, Functions and Performance
Customer and prospect preferences about tech features, functions, and implementation hurdles are crucial to internal direction and external messaging.
Buyer Journey Insights
How is your tech discovered?
The pathways to purchase and adoption are measureable. Clarify how your tech is being discovered, evaluated, and adopted.
Customer Experience and Feedback
Account Management and Retention Insights
What does your tech company get right? What do you get wrong? Engaging customers over time provides snapshot customer satisfaction data, and when conducted serially, directional change over time.
Quantitative Research
Quantitative surveys form the backbone of much of our research, offering MadTech-specific data at scale to answer hypotheses, drive analysis, and produce informed content. Studies begin with our 90K+ brand and agency panels – we identify and engage with a subset of this group based upon job level, expertise, relevance and purchasing power.
Qualitative Interviews
Organic in nature, Qualitative research provides anecdotal evidence and color that both stands on its own, and humanizes quantitative data. This one-on-one process uncovers buyer attitudes and beliefs, providing candid insights not found in quantitative data alone.
The Research Process
Assessment & Strategy
Engagements begin by conducting joint discovery with our clients, honing points-of-view and outlining clear objectives. This discovery, informed by unparalleled MadTech-insider acumen, results in hypotheses which are ready to be tested, challenged and validated by research.
Survey Design
Effective survey design is crucial to meaningful data yields. Our research team works to accurately qualify respondents and discourage biases, while optimizing user experience to meet statistical thresholds.
Deployment and Analysis
Industry Index surveys engage our unique, 140K+ expert panelists – identifying and engaging subsets of these potential respondents based upon job level, expertise, relevance and purchasing power.
Content Strategy & Narration
Analysis of research data allows us to work with our clients to identify topics and narratives that will stand apart from traditional marketing messages with custom content.
Custom Content & Demand Gen Execution
We help clients with the last mile – transforming research-derived custom content into audience-ready outputs, including on-brand design and data visualizations, thought leadership and positioning papers, rendering research and insights immutable.
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