Does Transparency 
Drive Market Activity?
Industry Index engaged in a quantitative and qualitative research study on behalf of Metamarkets. Our aim? Define how openness and transparency bring the greatest possible value and liquidity to the programmatic advertising market.
Metamarkets developed an integrated content strategy designed to increase both brand awareness and prospect engagement through thought leadership.
To deliver on this strategy, they asked Industry Index to conduct in-market research to ground the concept of “transparency” in the programatic ecosystem, and define a standard of transparency measurement which brands, agencies, and publishers could all agree upon.
Market Perception Study
Research Hypothesis Development
Quantitative & Qualitative Survey Development
Data Collection
Raw Data
Survey Analysis & Interpretation
Design-Ready White Paper
Our research work began from a simple hypothesis: Does deeper transparency will help grow the programmatic market? What is required structurally and from a data flow perspective to provide radical transparency?

Based on this framework, we designed conducted a quantitative survey with a subsection of our panel of engaged users, split evenly between senior brand and agency marketers, and publishers. This survey was designed to yield data based on several key questions, including:
What defines transparency and how does this differ by screen/channel?

How much would buyers increase budgets if they had access to transparent data?

What are the key perceived obstacles and corresponding frustrations of switching to transparent suppliers?
171 Senior Industry Professionals
Participated in Research
54 Publishers, 57 Sr. Brand Marketers,
60 Sr. Agency Marketers
Participated in
Quantitative Research
Sample of Respondents also took part in
Qualitative Interviews for additional
Industries Represented
Travel & Leisure
Energy & Utilities
Key takeaways from our research include:
New levels of transparency, agreed standards and more open data will yield understanding that will comfort brand marketers, encourage media buyers, reward the best publishers, and bring new control and flexibility to both buyers and sellers.

Transparency will encourage increased, less-restrained sharing of data and metrics beyond the limited views seen today.

When there is little to be gained from hiding key data, more will be revealed. Media buyers will be able to prove ROI, supporting increased digital spend and improving their ability to optimize campaigns.

With the right investments in interactive analytics, marketers can more take control of their programmatic data and establish the data transparency that their partners at brands, agencies and publishers demand.

Three quarters of market participants say they are concerned about the lack of transparency in programmatic advertising markets, our survey found.

Our survey found that 89 percent in our survey, distrust a significant portion of the data upon which they’re buying and selling media.

Three quarters of the participants in our survey say that with new transparency in the market, they would increase their spend in programmatic advertising from at least 11 percent and in some cases by 50 percent or more.
Metamarkets found our research process, yields, and deliverables to be invaluable in going to market. The resulting White Paper, “The Transparency Opportunity,” served as a cornerstone of their marketing efforts throughout 2017.
“Publishing our research-based study with a trusted partner like Industry Index greatly enhanced its value and made a real impact on our overall content strategy.”
Devan Fearman
VP Marketing of MetaMarkets
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