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We get it. You’re just 1 of over 5,000 MadTech companies wooing tech-interested brands, agencies, and publishers. Our powerful research, proprietary panel of marketers, and veteran analysis will help define your opportunities and craft effective marketing solutions.
“Content creation was the No. 1 factor contributing to the success of B2B marketers… driving a strategy with data allows companies to take advantage of real-time engagement opportunities and capitalize on breaking trends.”
- Ad Exchanger
Research Capabilities
Custom Thought
Empower marketing efforts, create leads, and drive conversations through research-based white papers, content marketing initiatives, and PR.
We provide:

• Custom quantitative research on industry topics

• Innovative insights that foster thought leadership

• Outputs in digestible, designed formats for immediate use
“Publishing our research-based study with a trusted partner like Industry Index greatly enhanced its value and helped make a real impact on our overall content strategy..”
-Devan Fearman, VP Marketing
Brand Perception
and Differentiation Studies
Generate actionable insights into your market position, understand industry trends, and gain insight into how you brand is perceived versus your competitors.
You will:

• Know if your message is unique and resonant

• Test varied USPs to determine which has the greatest impact

• Determine if your USP matches market needs

• Learn the best use cases for your offering
"It’s great to understand what clients who actually use our platform think about us. That’s very valuable to me.”
-Anonymous Client
Both quarterly and annual benchmarking studies that drive future technology insights, category changes, and market budgets/expenditures.
You will:

• Stay ahead of competitors

• Secure insights into the future of your category

• Gain in-depth understanding of pricing and budget trends
"This is really wonderful, and we appreciate your going above and beyond for us. It's very much appreciated and shows what a great partner you are. The results are invaluable as we move forward.”
-Senior Communications Dept., Rocket Fuel
Research Methodology
Our Approach
Our unique position in the industry allows us to provide invaluable analysis, interpretation and insight into our data, giving it actionable meaning and unlocking potential opportunities for our customers. Then, we simply serve it up in audience-alluring, digestible formats. We manage our research to ensure that we capture statistically significant findings, manage our process with integrity, and never presuppose what our research is going to illuminate.
Our Panel users create a community of over 90,000 potential MadTech panelists. From this community, 100-200 industry decision makers are identified per assignment, including company, vertical, job level and purchasing power segmentation. We offer both quantitative surveys and qualitative 1:1 interviews.
Panel Overview
Tech Companies
Brands & Agencies
Job Level
VP level or higher
Company Type
Segment by Vertical
Amplification and Lead Generation Services
Our users are your prospects.
Reach the 90,000+ brands, agencies, and publishers that use to inform their tech purchasing decisions. Let us guide your content in front of the hungry eyes of users that are in-market for your tech category. Do them a favor – show them your research.
Custom Landing Page for your report on – we’ll drive user traffic and capture prospects for you
Featured Content Promotions rotating on our Home, Category, and Search Result pages, driving report downloads
Industry Index Newsletter Feature that includes direct access to the inboxes of our most engaged users
Qualified Lead Generation filling your CRM pipeline with users that have showcased recent, direct interest in your custom research
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