Attention Composite™
for Tech Companies
Our next-gen market intelligence delivers deep audience and competition insights – a distinct advantage for tech providers eager to understand, and stand out, in the marketplace.
Spray-and-pray marketing and meandering sales efforts be gone! Industry Index’s Attention Composite™ will allow your marketing team to discover which pubs are covering your tech category, and which brands and verticals are consuming that content. Imagine all of that data and insight layered with the same data on your direct competitors! It’s time to focus your advertising efforts, sales targeting, and differentiated marketing content using the power of big data. It’s time to start using the Attention Composite.
All the data you need
Discover which publications are covering your tech category
See which brands and agency verticals are consuming content on your category
Track your category velocity and readership trends
Track companies to find out which of your competitors are trending, surging, and which ones are in decline
Where does the data come from?
Our Attention Data comes from our proprietary, big data engine, fondly known as Hugo™. Hugo tracks 300+ million webpages daily, and cross-references this with our proprietary MadTech datasets. With companies, categories, keywords, content, and our secret sauce mixed in, this data is seriously powerful. The resulting output is matched to our database of 200 million devices from the 5,000 largest brands, agencies, and publishers. Hugo then serves up never-before-seen marketer consumption patterns, which we label ‘Attention Points’.
What are the Attention Composite™ plans and pricing?
Subscription plans and pricing are still being determined. Give us your work email and we’ll notify you as soon as we have complete information on this product release (including timing, plan types, and yes… $$$).
How does the Attention Composite differ from traditional market research?
Traditional market survey/analysis research can be slow, expensive, and rarely includes more than several hundred data points. Collecting and analyzing takes time…. traditional research is often slow to market, which means you’re relying on information that is almost immediately outdated. By comparison, Attention Composite outputs are based on millions of data points, collected in real-time, and never outdated. Our data, including trailing growth/decay over time, gives deeper meaning to our metrics. It illuminates industry and company trends throughout the MadTech industry. It pulls data points from millions of marketers in a complete cross-section of verticals and job postings. It’s a much more complete view of the industry at-large, and a more valuable tool for top-level industry, category, and company insight. Surveys have value, but this is next-gen market intel.
What do you mean by ‘tech companies’?
When we say “tech companies”, we mean companies which offer marketing and advertising software and solutions (MadTech) to brands, agencies and publishers. From DMPs to SSPs to CRM to Location-Based beacons, if it’s MadTech, we know them. We have segmented these companies into categories, and ranked them by what’s trending – up, down, or stuck in the middle.
What are ‘Attention Points™’?
Attention Points are our metric for online consumption. Each point denotes any webpage* that contains relevant content (specific tech categories and/or companies) and has been viewed by one of the millions of devices that we track.**

*U.S.-based websites with advertisements only
**Our device graph contains users from Fortune 5000 companies, and currently includes ~250 million devices.
Get notified when we launch
The Attention Composite™ is still baking—we’ll launch in the very near future. Be among the first to be informed by our next-gen market intelligence. Give us your work email and we'll let you know when you can dig in.