The Industry Index Technographic Platform
We track actual tech usage within the MarTech & AdTech ecosystem. Our technographic datasets provide powerful insights and tools for modern businesses.
A Wealth of Data
Websites tracked in

MarTech & AdTech Technologies
Tracked & Profiled Daily
Tech Installs Identified
per Month
We identify:

• 2,000+ Mar/Ad Technologies
• Global Installations
• Marketshare
• Penetration by Vertical
• Usage Trends
• Competitors
We analyze:
• Tech Usage on Top 5MM Sites
• Data Leakage & Piggybacking
• Data Sharing
• Site Traffic
• Tech Add/Drop Dates
• Competitive Tech Stacks
Tech Categories
We organize:
• 88 Unique Tech Categories (mapped by AdTech & MarTech, with programmatic segmentation)
• Global Marketshare & Vertical Share
• Competitor Marketshare & Vertical Share
Industry Tech Use
Our industry analysis includes:
• 120+ industries based on NAICS codes

• Tech Usage by Category
• Tech Usage by Vendor
• Tech Usage by Website
• Directional Trends
The Platform + Process
How does Industry Index collect technographic data?
Analyzing the web (at scale)
We scan the web, looking at individual websites by the millions. Our tech observes unique javascrpt, tech tags, page calls, pixels, ads.txt files, xml records, data leakage points and parties, and more. Analysis frequency is based on site traffic, industry usage, and customer requirements.
Identifying unique technology signals
Every on-page technology has specific, detectible attributes. These unique tech Product Identifier (or PIDs) are gathered and analyzed, determining type, origin, category, and unique characteristics. This is done entirely in-house using propritery processes.
Mapping to the technology universe
Every tech identified is mapped to our database of 85+ categories. This ever-evolving data allows for comparisons of billions of tracked instances of use, top-level trend data, and insights on tech relationships and overlaps.

Enriching the data
All of our tech and website data is enriched with third-party data to supplement our technographic collection methods: 

• Industry, geography, size, age, and other firmographic data
• ads.txt audits
• Global Site Traffic
• Programmatic advertising insights
Putting our platform to use
Our technographic platform is available for brand marketers, publishers, and MADtech companies for real-time integration and use via:

• Our web-based interface
• CRM integrations (Salesforce, Hubspot, etc.)
• Alert notification systems
• Custom reporting

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