dmexco 2017 Research Study
Perceptions of Artificial Intelligence: Adoption, Messaging, and Impact for Tech Companies
In partnership with ExchangeWire and Wise PR, we surveyed technology vendors across MadTech's most concentrated conference to discover the truth behind perceptions of artificial intelligence.
AI marketing messages may be moving faster than AI tech. Promises of optimization and smarter/faster decision-making are making a difference in sales pitches, but is AI ready to prove ROI?
Conducted on the floor of dmexco 2017, this survey of MadTech companies delivers insights on the cutting edge of AI. See the full ExchangeWire article here.
Key Takeaways include:
68% with AI tech in-market have won new business as a result
55% find their AI messaging most valuable for marketing
30% are, or are planning to, develop AI in the next 6-12 months
"Given the concern felt across the industry that AI is a term that is overused and little understood, with vendors claiming to offer AI products, which should more be classed as advanced programming, These results naturally may point to the question of whether the products and services being offered can genuinely be classed as artificial intelligence."
Lindsay Rowntree
Head of Content, ExchangeWire
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