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One experience, one brand, one platform — all mobile.
One experience, one brand, one platform — all mobile.    Boost mobile conversion and retention. With mobile converstaions at an all-time low. NewStore's Consumer App, which apan iOS, Android, and the movile web unlocks native expereince for every customer. From using the mobilg web after discovering a brand to checking the app twice a week as a loyal customer, native apps increase converstion and retention. Empower assoicates to build strong customer relationships. Wheather your goal is to introduce line-busing into a busy store, or move past the traditional 'little black book,' NewStore provides the technology for scalable clienteling, advanced segmentation, and intimate personalization. It's time to talk with your cusotmers, not at them. Unify customer experience online and in-store. Customers want the ability to engage with their favorite brand anywhere at anytime, but have you made this experience seamless? The NewStore Platform unifies your brand's look, inventory, communications, and data across multiple channels, providing you with one view of the customer - and yoru customers with one view of you. Modernize mobile fulfillment. We live in a world of instand gratification, in which customers want their purchases on-demand. The NewStore Platform transforms store into customer-facing distribution centers, providing an array of omnichannel fulfillment options. 
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