January 4, 2017
Research-Based Content Is The Most Effective Way to Reach Executives

Brooklyn, NY – January 4, 2017 – A new Industry Index study finds that research-based content is the best way to reach and influence advertising and marketing executives that are considering technology purchases. Data-driven content elicits the highest level of response. Executives want content that’s useful, relevant and tells them something new. Providing that kind of content will get them to look for, find, and do business with technology vendors who provide it, they add.

These are some of the findings of an Industry Index survey of leading marketing and advertising executives.

“The conclusion, frankly, was unexpected,” says Industry Index President Jonathon Shaevitz. “We knew research-based content was useful,l but didn’t realize it would come in on top, above trade shows and even press coverage,” as a marketing vehicle.

David Berkowitz, founding principal of Serial Marketer and former CMO of digital advertising agency MRY, concurs. “If there's someone that's actually trying to help me do my job better in some way, then that goes a really long way,” he stated.

Review copies of the survey, data, and a research paper summarizing its findings, are available from Industry Index (PDF download). The full findings, comments and interview transcripts are available upon request.

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Jonathon Shaevitz
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