Which 50
February 13, 2018
Nine announces new programmatic partner and overhauls insights reporting

Nine has beefed up its audience reporting and has signed a partnership with programmatic player Telaria which will offer marketers and their agencies a new way of buying Nine’s video inventory. Tremor Video rebranded as Telaria in September last year and is a sell-side software platform to monetise and manage

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Network World
August 15, 2018
BrandPost: Loyal to a Fault: Why Your Current DNS May Be Exposing You to Risk

Ask seasoned IT professionals what they dislike most about their infrastructure, and they’ll answer in unison: Change. IT, network and security professionals all rely on tried-and-true products to keep the business humming along, but is doing so exposing them to new risks? This post looks at some hidden risk factors present in many of today’s DNS environments, and what enterprises should be doing now to ameliorate them.

There are very few organizations more change-averse than enterprise IT professionals – especially their network and security teams. With network stability (read uptime) at the heart of their existence, reliance on known products and services can become a crutch – and a blindfold, limiting the ability to objectively consider new infrastructure solutions. As the advent of cloud came upon IT, many organizations needed to fight the ‘server-huggers’, who insisted that their sacred server or device located in the datacenter was the only way to run a specific application or perform a specific business function.

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Information Age
August 15, 2018
SnapLogic implement DevOps and automation capabilities

Originally written by Aaron Hurst on Information Age

SnapLogic’s Iris AI technologies will also be updated, and Mesosphere will be supported to automate [...]

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August 15, 2018
Explosions Across Ad Tech: Signs Of Consolidation Or Growth?

“The Sell Sider” is a column written by the sell side of the digital media community. Today's column is written by Erik Requidan, vice president of programmatic strategy at Intermarkets. We keep hearing about consolidation, but if you look at the recent Lumascapes, it’s clear there are actually more ad tech companies than ever before.... Continue reading »

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August 15, 2018
Gore-Tex reveals new brand and new campaign

After spending the last six decades making climate-conquering fabric, Gore-Tex is moving into performance. Next month the brand will introduce "Tested for Life," new campaign to support its new product line called Gore-Tex Infiniuma non-waterproof collection of fabrics designed to add comfort and enhance sports performance.

Achim Ewers zum Rode, the brand team leader for Gore fabrics, says that Gore-Tex has been using its climate chambers to test new products for the last year so that the brand can expand beyond products for what it calls WWBwind, waterproof and breathable.

"The stuff that we'll bring to market, it's not necessarily about waterproof but about providing benefits and performance in other areas," he says. Products made with the new fabrics, which brand partners like North Face will produce, include thinner gloves and slimmer shoes. Gore-Tex will use a new white diamond logo to depict the Infinium line. A black diamond depicts the Gore-Tex "Guaranteed to Keep You Dry" weatherproof garments.

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August 15, 2018
Sky Media turns to YouTube show to drive non-TV viewers

After buying multichannel network Diagonal View 18 months ago, Sky is creating more branded content fit for social media.

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