Industry Index
June 28, 2017
Digital Media Review (DMR) & Industry Index Acquired by Capital Strategies

Brooklyn, NY – June 28, 2016 – Capital Strategies LLC., a privately held firm with ownership in more than one dozen media tech companies, today announced the acquisition of marketing and research services firm DMR and Industry Index – the only ratings curation platform with a searchable database specifically focused on measuring technology innovation across the global advertising and marketing technology industry. The move will bring the two companies together under the Industry Index name, with Jonathon Shaevitz as its new President.

“Objective, third party evaluation of technology has proven essential to marketing executives for every channel and every aspect of their marketing and advertising campaigns,” said Jonathon Shaevitz, President, Industry Index. “The platform informs critical decisions for both buyers and sellers, and can represent the difference between one million dollars and one-hundred million dollars.”

Digital marketers tap Industry Index to quickly and easily see the peer ratings of advertising technology based on relevance to their specific needs.  Marketers can search and filter across:

  • Social, Video, Display, Search, Emerging, Mobile, Gaming and Commerce
  • 1400 Companies and 115 Categories

They receive instant, sortable ranking, rating and other info, including the performance, service, innovation, and value.

By year end Shaevitz expects to triple the number of advertising technology vendors and publishers using the platform to create distinguished content specifically for their pull strategies.

Industry Index Founder and CEO Gayle Meyers will sit on the company’s advisory board. “I’m confident in Jonathon’s vision, leadership, and experience will drive Industry Index to an exciting next level.  I can’t wait to see where it goes.”  

For more information, contact:
Jonathon Shaevitz
(+1) 646.883.1006