Technographic Intelligence
Discover the marketing and 
advertising stack of any website
Illuminate competitor and prospect technology use, monitor industry trends, and track the data leaking through your tech stack – all in real-time.
Technographic solutions for publishers and technology providers.
Ads.txt Scout
Find and eliminate your customer’s ads.txt errors and reclaim your revenue.

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Account Targeting For Tech Providers
Access unprecedented customer lists using real-time for AdTech and MarTech installation data from 5mm+ websites.

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Monitor Your Tech Stack
Use the most detailed ad & marketing tech stack analysis to ensure your site is issue-free of ads.txt errors, data leakage, and rogue on-page tech.

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Dive into the data for only $99/mo.
Data to drive decisions 
and generate leads.
Survey-based studies support marketing, sales 
and internal positioning. We’re the only custom market research team serving MarTech and AdTech exclusively. Define new markets, validate strategies, and build the foundation for persuasive B2B marketing content.
Custom Research Services