Meet the Team

Gayle Meyers

Founder/Managing Partner

Gayle is a Founder and Managing Partner of the Digital Media Review (DMR). Her long-time career goal of discovering and integrating game-changing technologies that solve real pain points in the advertising industry was the inspiration for DMR’s mission to help agencies and brands find the innovation that pushes business forward. With a passion for technology and innovation, creating a company that addresses this issue was a natural progression coming off of her 16+ years as one of the top digital media sellers in the advertising industry.

In her current role at DMR, Gayle has been essential to shaping the vision, product development and securing new business that drives revenue for the company. She’s found that her career as a digital seller, has enabled her to provide DMR clients with the strategies and solutions they need to overcome the challenges she once encountered – understanding who is in market to close more deals quickly. Additionally, her knack for understanding and seeing partnerships where others don’t has enabled her to bring best in class solutions not only to DMR but its roster of clients.

During here tenure as a digital media seller, Gayle quickly learned firsthand how hard it is to find buyers and convert them without significant time waste while trying to navigate the ever changing agency and brand landscape. This is what motivated Gayle to partner with Jessica Joines, who spent 14+ years working on the agency side, to create solutions that would streamline this process through creating innovation review standards for marketers. They quickly learned after a month of collaborating together that the problems Gayle felt as a seller were equally as challenging with buyers, who are constantly challenged to stay at pace with the ever evolving technology landscape, including the hundreds of startups that emerge every year.

Prior to DMR, Gayle has helped the world’s leading brands — AT&T, Avis, Coca-Cola, Dell, P&G, Samsung, Travelocity, Turbo Tax and many more build and expand their online presence. This included serving as the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Agency Relations at ValueClick, where she built and led the national sales team as well as business development initiatives for over five years which contributed to over $71 million in revenue for the company. Prior to ValueClick, she worked in senior positions at DoubleClick, widely considered a dominant force in online advertising and later sold to Google for $3.1 billion; Viewpoint, a pioneer in content rich media; and RealNames, one of the first domain registries.

Due to her expertise, Gayle has been frequently tapped for high profile consulting and advisory positions to help key advertising technologies such as AdSafe, Advertiser Perceptions, Aperture Audience, Evidon, and Maxifier enhance their in-market presence and marketplace position. This is due to her early and later success as a digital seller – many in the industry view her as someone that the skill is innate to, rather than having to be taught.

Earlier in her digital career, Gayle led strategic accounts sales at 24/7 Real Media. During this time, she went on to be the top producer companywide and was part of the team that took the company public. Gayle got her start in the technology world in sales at AOL and Microsoft, and was a top sales executive at Sidewalk, one of Microsoft’s first digital initiatives, where she parlayed her extensive knowledge of the Bay Area food and bar scene.

Jessica Joines

co-Founder/Advisor Partner

Jessica is a Founder and Managing Partner of the Digital Media Review (DMR). With over 14+ years in business development at some of the world’s most respected media agencies, Jessica saw that one of the most overwhelming tasks for agency executives (and brands alike) was to keep at pace with the new technologies and digital media startups that emerge every month. As the one responsible for driving new revenue, she was often challenged to find innovative startups to leverage in new business pitches that would help differentiate the agency from the competition, with the promise of driving actual business results. She attributed this challenge to the fast pace of digital innovation with no one source she could leverage to keep up.

When she met Gayle Meyers in 2011, who spent 16+ years in digital sales, Jessica learned that digital sellers were equally overwhelmed. Sellers had no idea how to determine who was actually in-market for their solutions and how they could eliminate the time waste associated with attempting to figure this out. Additionally, with no industry standards in place, smoke and mirrors often won out over “substance.” Together they realized that with the absence of a central knowledge repository and objective reviews for advertising technologies the problem would continue to exacerbate, equally for both sides.

Since forming the Digital Media Review they have been delivering products and solutions to address this pain point. In her role at DMR, Jessica has shaped the vision of its services and products, including DMR’s consulting practice which helps digital technology companies understand and communicate what is truly unique about their product in a way that best resonates with agencies and brands. She has also been responsible for driving DMR’s own marketing efforts and formulating DMR’s proprietary rating criteria for digital media technologies.

Prior to DMR, Jessica spent the majority of her career working for some of the world’s leading advertising agencies – both creative and media. She has set the business development and marketing strategy for a number of firms, including innovative ways to generate revenue with new prospects that has led to new business wins that has generated $2billion+ in new billings during here agency tenure.

In her role as Director of Business Development at Reprise Media and prior to this VP of Business Development at Universal McCann (both Interpublic companies), Jessica played a key role in securing new business with clients including Bayer, Merck, Charles Schwab, Johnson & Johnson, Gillette, Nationwide, BMW and Raymour & Flanigan. In this capacity, she developed outreach initiatives, positioning strategies and insights while leading sales teams responsible for closing multi-million dollar deals. She understands what it takes to help an agency stand out from the competition and position itself in a continually evolving media marketplace.

Prior to Interpublic, Jessica worked at Omnicom first in account strategy at DDB and later leading business development for OMD’s west coast offices: Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. During her time at OMD the agency had a record year of new business wins where pitches she led played a key role, including the CW Network, Principal Financial, and Mars. Beyond the current consulting work she oversees at DMR, Jessica has also conducted successful consulting work for the agencies she now helps digital vendors break into. She was a Training Director at Mirren where she conducted on-site training programs with advertising agencies across the US to accelerate their business development, marketing and sales programs.

Jessica has an M.S. in Communications from Cornell University and has traveled extensively and volunteered throughout Southeast Asia.