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We’re adTech believers, inspired toward a more codified future.
The amount of time required to understand evolving technologies and innovations in the adtech & martech community is overwhelming – a full-time job in its own right. For sellers and buyers alike, the problem is overwhelming. They struggle to understand challenges, innovation and dynamics clearly, and as a result, often fail to find harmonious partnerships.
Industry Insights exists to deliver independent research and future-forward insights that define value for technology providers and clarify the marketplace for buyers.
With a unique panel powered by our Industry Index and extensive industry experience, our knowledge base and reach is unmatched. This knowledge and reach is made even more meaningful by our veteran marTech leadership, who have spent their careers on both sides of the table.
We believe in the immeasurable value found in the marketplace, and empathize with both audiences, allowing our research to be unbiased and ethically driven. We are proud to be of service—and we’re excited to be an active participant in our rapidly-evolving industry.
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